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Unlock insights more swiftly with pre-integrated data solutions. From regional market share updates to intricate market dynamics between various channels, sometimes an integrated dataset is your fast-track towards comprehensive decision-making without compromise.

Business need

Organizations today are required to streamline their data management to achieve in-depth, actionable insights. Key areas of focus include:

Comprehensive global and regional reporting, integrating multiple countries, channels, and data suppliers for timely insights.
Facilitating the integration of various data types, like sell-out, sell-in, promotional, media, consumer, and contextual data.
Serving accurate data while managing challenges such as harmonizing timestamps, filling gaps, and resolving overlaps and duplicate entries.
Executive reporting, share measurement, BI, and dashboarding, tailored to different user groups.

Data integration challenges

To maximize the effectiveness of your data-driven initiatives, it’s crucial to address various data integration challenges. These can include dealing with gaps across different sources, duplications, format incostencies and delivery frequency. By navigating these challenges effectively, organizations can enhance data quality and optimize decision-making processes. Our specific experience in data management, managing non-additive metrics, and addressing data additivity gaps will help you close this gap.

Our services

Maximize the effectiveness of your data management with our specialized expertise. Dive into our approach below to discover how we tackle key challenges and optimize your data processes:


Consolidate a large volume of sources high-level for inclusive coverage.


Consolidate granular data sources for detailed KPIs.


Identify minimum common denominator and stretch for optimum reach.


Traceability and lineage of the data back to its original source for full quality control.


Mapping different datasets to standardized columns.

Boost the ROI of your data

Maximize your data’s ROI with our inclusive, ready-to-consume data cubes. Empower your teams to focus on leveraging insights for informed decision-making. We offer a pragmatic approach to unlocking the full value of your datasets, ensuring optimal investment alignment with your organizational goals.

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