Keeping track of emerging channels development around the world is the new challenge. E-commerce, fragmentation and fast changing shoppers attitudes have made retail panels alone less relevant.

Many more datasources are now available to figure out where growth has gone; but, fragmented and in isolation, they make analysis increasingly difficult and time consuming. Do you even know where and what data is there in your organisation, and what it measures?

Redslim offers the most complete care and integration of your data across countries, channels, categories and sources. We solve their varying granularity, hierarchies, coverage, frequency and help you fill the gaps. 

You can now have the most complete vision of your markets around the world and focus on growth strategy, innovation, white space analysis, competitors dynamics, resource allocation and results tracking.

Our Services

We make data easy so you can focus on insights

We enable you to access and use the information assets you already have, by federating existing information using Business Intelligence.

We create analytic solutions specialised to your brands and way of doing business, with the agility to change the analyses, and adapt the scope as quickly as you need.


We are experts in Data Logistics, Harmonisation, Integration, Visualisation, Reporting, Dashboards and Business Intelligence in the Cloud.


Our Clients

We are proud to work with a large number of Global Leaders in the CPG industry.

Our Clients are usually headquarters of large organisations who want to have access to all their countries, categories and information sources with a simple and straight forward user experience. 

We also service single country projects, where quality of the reporting and visualisation is essential, or combining data to increase market read coverage or analysis depth.


Our Team

We hire practitioners who know what they are doing, can explain it in plain language, and enjoy doing it. 

When you work with Redslim, the individuals you discuss the design ideas with are the people who will do the work. Cutting out all the linkages and handovers is what keeps us agile.


As a result, our Clients are really happy working with us !

Look at their feedback...  


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