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Innovation Lab

As data enthusiasts and technology experts, we regularly invest in exploring new trends and developing algorithms to improve our platforms and data solutions.

Data criticality

We are acutely aware that the transparent, accurate and reliable market data we manage serves as a crucial metric for evaluating sales performance in the organizations. This information supports identifying areas of strength and weakness, setting targets and creating actionable plans.


As we embrace the ever-evolving technology with enthusiasm, we remain vigilant especially when dealing with third-party or retailer data. We take stringent measures to safeguard all sensitive and confidential data entrusted to us.


With this understanding, we embrace artificial intelligence with a strategic and measured approach. Balancing innovation with risk management, we make sure our solutions deliver critical data and clarity needed for organizations to make informed decisions.

Smart coding

With their consolidated experience, our data engineers apply algorithms to effectively identify and classify items into clusters. From mapping and enrichment to innovation identification and price tier segmentation, unlock actionable insights that drive informed decision-making.

Scanning through all data rows at the smallest granular level

A rule-based approach that eliminates human errors

Leveraging both origin and consolidated characteristics

Taking the intricacy of periodicity and sensitive KPIs into account


Sales de-composition
Deep dive in key drivers that influence sales.
Identify the true innovation items in specific markets.
Understand the incremental sales resulting from promotion activities.
Price tiers
Segment items into specific price bands to analyse their sales performance.

Forward-looking opportunity

Aimed at delivering enhanced services to our clients, we develop strategic initiatives as we leverage new technologies.


Enrichment: allowing collaboration with client users.


Transparency: enabling data about data for enhanced traceability


Quality: automating checks towards more granular quality control


Speed: improving delivery cycle times constantly

Hybrid approach: human and artificial intelligence

Human expertise remains essential. It allows us to adapt to complex situations, solve problems creatively, and empathize with our clients. With data expert’s in-dept industry knowledge to verify data, we ensure that the rendered information is trusted and accurate.


Leveraging the strengths of both technology and human expertise, we aim to achieve the fine balance of innovation, accuracy, and client-centric solutions.

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