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Business Intelligence

At the heart of data management lies front-end business intelligence. It's where investments translate into actionable insights. Users expect engaging, timely information for informed decisions.

Business need

Making data accessible to all is vital for business growth, and despite clear data consumption strategies, execution is often a challenge. Subpar implementation delays insights, hindering identification of emerging trends and leading to missed opportunities.

BI front-end tools

Empower your data exploration with versatile BI front-end solutions.

Redslim SPRINT: efficient exploration of fragmented datasets

  • Harmonized and original views side-by-side.
  • Simple navigation and interrogation of different sources.
  • Powerful dashboarding tools.
  • Short deployment cycles.
  • Flexibility to create own reports and share within community.
  • Non-syndicated (used exclusively within the organization).
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PowerBI: integrated consumption with a company strategy

  • Use PowerBI for complex data sources.
  • Decide the level of outsourcing that fits your needs.
  • Ready to consume C-Suite reporting.
  • Automated office dashboarding.
  • Fully managed within your own workspace.

BI Activation

At the heart of any strategy lies user needs. We prioritize user adoption through effective change management, ensuring solutions resonate and are used across business units. BI Activation is ongoing as data landscapes evolve. A continuous activation program entails identifying users, assessing needs, crafting tailored solutions, and providing ongoing support.

Identify users
Assess user needs
Solution design
Tailored materials
Ongoing support

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