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Our services are seamlessly managed in the Redslim Operating System - a customizable, cloud-based platform. Whether sensitive or non-sensitive data, we ensure full compliance and transparency, tailored to your needs.

Our process

Your data travels through our systems via a step-by-step process that ensures high-standard outcomes. Yet, our process is agile and flexible to adapt to your evolving needs, offering the freedom to integrate or skip features such as unmasking, smart coding, among others.


From ingestion to consumption, each step in the process is supported by our proprietary software, designed to maximize your data opportunities.


Our low-code platform is the end-to-end operating system, used by our operators to orchestrate all projects. The foundational principles are to prioritize client IT-standards, stay compliant with agency’s data-release policies, and transparent delivery.


Adapting third-party data to subjective views.


Ready to host new feeds and build new data products.


Aiming at embedding AI vertically for all touch points.


Absorbing and promoting new data, rules and features.


Controlling paths from source to output for all datasets.

Cloud native

Operating in either Redslim or client cloud.

Artificial intelligence at work

We are passionate about innovative initiatives to automate validation, identify anomalies and their root causes, provide data catalog, and track data journeys for traceability in data handling.


Within product harmonization we apply smart coding modules for mapping and enrichment, innovation identification, price tier segmentation to discover insights that can lead to actions.


While we enthusiastically embrace technology like AI, we approach it in a way that is safe, compliant and responsible.

Operating in your cloud

Seamlessly integrate our services into your existing infrastructure with our cloud-based solutions. Enjoy direct access to your data lake, ensuring confidentiality and compliance with third-party regulations. Our managed services offer comprehensive support from start to finish, allowing you to navigate data operations confidently and securely.


Ensuring robust security

At Redslim, our security performance is regularly certified.
Rated Silver by Cybervadis, we maintain a firm commitment to high security standard and protection in our systems supported by rigorous processes.

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