Our purpose is to help companies activate their data assets better.

Our Services

We enable you to access and use the information assets you already have, by federating existing information using Business Intelligence.

We create analytic solutions specialised to your brands and way of doing business, with the agility to change the analyses, and adapt the scope as quickly as you need.


We are experts in Data Logistics, Harmonisation, Integration, Visualisation, Reporting, Dashboards and Business Intelligence in the Cloud.

360 Data Integration

Keeping track of emerging channel development around the world is the new challenge. E-commerce, fragmentation and fast changing shoppers attitudes have made legacy retail panels alone less relevant.


Many more data sources are now available to figure out where growth has gone; but, fragmented and in isolation, they make analysis increasingly difficult and time consuming. Do you even know where and what data is there in your organisation, and what it measures?

Redslim offers the most complete care and integration of your data across countries, channels, categories and sources. We solve their varying granularity, hierarchies, coverage, frequency and help you fill the gaps.

You can now have the most complete vision of your markets around the world and focus on growth strategy, white space analysis, competitors dynamics, resource allocation and results tracking.

You can accurately, simply and effectively ACTIVATE all your data assets.

Local Data Enrichment

Too much time is taken to find these valuable nuggets of information due to local data not being aligned.

Redslim’s approach to data integration is to enrich local and most granular databases with global definitions, segmentation and coding. You can now trace consolidated data into local sources.


This means no more time is wasted debating which market share is right, and why they are all different indifferent reports. Don’t waste time trying to align everyone to one number. All perspectives are valid and justified ... as long as data definitions are transparent and data is traceable back to source.

This means The business will all be viewing the same centrally managed data, locally, regionally and globally, if required - each with their own lens, but now in all transparency and accuracy. 

Smart Coding

All businesses are interested in their performance with innovation, many are reliant on seasonal performance or on the impact of their promotions. Emerging new category segmentation is hidden down at SKU level: bio, eco friendly, compressed, reduced salt or sugar, gluten or additive free. And traditional panels do not like these subjective attributes...

SMART coding enables you to better understand the performance of selected key SKU’s – thus enabling your business to improve tracking of new launches or new benefit based segmentation.

Redslim can code these SKUs effectively, combining data science and specific algorithms with your teams expertise and knowledge, allowing full transparency when benchmarking results.

This means faster and enhanced visibility of information that could be the difference in having really innovative product launches, effective promotions or a great season. 

Dynamic Dashboard Reporting

Once your data has been harmonised, we offer a dynamic dashboard reporting suite, SPRINT, to enable data mining & data sharing.

Over the years SPRINT has evolved with client feedback – so is aligned to your needs. Our obsession: keep it all simple and straight. Of course, it works with market data from many agencies, local and consolidated, across countries, channels and categories. It takes care on users behalf of all the complications of working with Shares, Distributions, Penetration, different Periodicity and update Frequency. And it is available on any device: web browsers, tablets and smartphones.

This allows for both global and local views through the same interface – resulting in less time agreeing on the numbers and more time acting on insights. 

This means that all the teams across the globe can view the same data in the same format.

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