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Redslim and Interrodata announce a partnership that will accelerate insight-led sales growth for the CPG industry

February 1, 2023

Zug, Switzerland, February 1, 2023: Redslim, specialising in solutions that turn fragmented data into analytic-ready datasets, and Interrodata, the software company providing next-generation analytic & guidance solutions, announced a partnership agreement. The partnership will allow players in the CPG and Retail industry to grow sales more quickly by giving each manager a personalized view of their business performance and opportunities, drawing insight from multiple data sources.


Redslim is laser-focused on providing gold standard data harmonisation services for global and local organisations. Its powerful market data factory transforms siloed data into connected datasets ready to feed business intelligence tools.


Interrodata developed the Investigative Decision AnalyticsTM platform to guide sales and marketing managers to action, without the pain of manual analytics. The service enables automated access to major trends and personalized analytics and narratives that make action-planning simple.


When faced with economic pressure and the threat of recession, organizations rely on multiple datasets for informed decision-making, while minimizing data-management resources. Data silos from multiple data providers create barriers and confusion, making it challenging for analysts to present tailored action plans to different audiences. The alliance between Redslim and Interrodata creates extended value by enabling multiple teams in CPG and Retail organisations to achieve automated insights which can be customised to individual scenarios.


“Turning data into business-critical insights has become essential for organizations in the fragmented market landscape.” said Alberto Alcaniz, Redslim’s Partner- Verticals and Partnership. “Redslim and Interrodata are leveraging our combined expertise and technologies to help businesses make data-driven decisions faster. We’re excited to collaborate with Interrodata and bring a powerful integration to our customers.”


“Our number one goal is to help clients unlock growth potential by revealing hidden insights. We are passionate about turning complex data into helpful, personalised guidance for every commercial leader in an organization” added David Boon, Founder and CEO, Interrodata. “This partnership with Redslim creates an unparalleled capability to guide business leaders to revenue-driving action, harnessing the full benefits of data harmonisation.”

About Redslim

Redslim gathers talents to help global companies maximise the value of their datasets. It solves pressing data challenges and turns fragmented data into powerful business intelligence assets. The world’s leading brands rely on Redslim’s robust data services to enable their transformation to being data-driven companies. Redslim builds a connected ecosystem by forging partnerships with key players in the technology and data industries. Managing data from over 25 agencies, Redslim services more than 30 global clients with data coverage spanning greater than 60 countries. Founded in 2013, Redslim is rapidly expanding.


Learn more at and follow Redslim on LinkedIn.

About Interrodata

Interrodata is a pioneering software-as-a-service company specialising in AI-powered investigative analysis and storytelling. Blending deep FMCG and Retail commercial experience with enterprise-grade software development expertise, Interrodata serve global clients from a UK base. Interrodata are the experts behind IDATM, the Investigative Decision Analytics platform – a user-friendly insights assistant that allows commercial and marketing teams to discover the patterns that really matter in their data and guide them to action.


Learn more at and follow Interrodata on LinkedIn.

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