Redslim is a young and agile company that have already delivered a number of very successful projects and solutions with high client satisfaction. Below are a few examples.

360 view for 100% coverage

Our client is a global giant, operating in many categories with many brands.

Their objective with this project was to enable a 360 view of their categories in key countries, by combining sources from multiple divisions, channels, suppliers and sources, each with a partial view of the total business.

Their repository allows them now to assess the performance of their brands and competition in all the important channels, including of course traditional Retail, but also e-commerce, Professionals, Specialists,  etc.

While this was possible before, it is now highly automated via Redslim, enabling key stakeholders to invest time on insights rather than cut and paste in spreadsheets.

Topline Reporting

Our client is a CPG giant with a very broad portfolio of brands across multiple categories.


Redslim was commisioned to extract and align data across 30 categories and 14 countries to a common European structure and to output this in an advanced MS Excel reporting frontend.


Data is sourced from NielsenKantar and IRI on 4weekly or monthly basis. Common European segments are identified and mapped and data is extracted, consolidated and reported.

Global Data Repository

Our client license data from the major agencies in 60+ countries but did not have any global solution to gather or consolidate the data.


Redslim was commissioned to setup a system to collect the data locally and make it accessible through one tool for the analysts at HQ.


Redslim now deliver monthly/4weekly packages with INFACT databases and Answers-dictionaries that enable simple and seamless navigation and analysis across 200+ databases.

Inovation Reporting

Global GPG companies invest large amounts of money in bringing innovation to the market, but often fail to consistently analyse the impact across geographies.


Our client challenged us to come up with an objective, consistent and automated way to identify true innovations among the large number of product introductions that are made on an annual basis in any CPG category.


The solution developed cuts through the noise of line-extensions, me-toos, size-plays, seasonals and other short-lived failures and allow an unbiased comparison of the performance of key players by category.

Local Data Consolidation

Our client is a global company with many brands.

This is a Local Data Enrichment project – giving the client a consolidated view, across 7 markets, of their on-line sales in Value, Volume & Units.

The data is aligned and then loaded into Sprint allowing the client to use dynamic dashboard reporting to analyse performance and easily share this across their business.

Multi-Country and Category SPRINT reporting

Our client is a regional giant with a very broad portfolio of brands across multiple categories.

Redslim was commisioned to enable easy access to Retail Measurement data across 3 countries and multiple categories.

SPRINT has been successfully deployed with dozens of local and regional users, bringing a single point of access for all data and above all providing share reports and analysis for the entire community.

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