Redslim was founded in 2013 and have an established client base of leading CPG companies.

We operate from 6 different countries and deliver global solutions covering data from all continents.

Eric Bensimon

Founding Partner and Managing Director. Formerly MD of Nielsen International Solutions, Head of Business intelligence for Henkel, Founder of Axense a previous successful Business Intelligence startup sold to Nielsen in 2003. Eric leads commercial and financial aspects of Redslim.


Søren Altmann

Founding Partner and Director of Consulting. 20 years experience in CPG analytics and agile solutions development, formerly global business development lead for Nielsen International Solutions. Soren leads Consulting and Solution development.


Alberto Alcañiz

Partner and Director of Operations. Formerly Nielsen Operations Manager in the UK and member of the Nielsen design committee for global products. Alberto has broad experience in organizational effectiveness, operational efficiency and strategic execution. He holds an MBA from Oxford Brookes University, specialised in Management Consulting. Alberto leads operations and client delivery solutions.


Patric Mezei

Partner at Redslim, with 20 years experience in solutions design and development at various companies ranging from Fortune 500 firms to startups. Patric leads development, technology and infrastructure at Redslim.

Our Values

The Redslim way of working

When you work with Redslim, the individuals
you discuss the design ideas with are the
people who will do the work.
Cutting out all the linkages and handoffs is
what keeps us agile.
We hire practitioners who know what they
are doing, can explain it in plain language, 
and enjoy doing it.


Agile & Iterative

Chances are we don’t know at the start what the ideal solution looks like and nor does the client. We like to experiment, keep what works and improve what doesn’t, and base the design on what the information is really showing – not what we imagined at the start it might do.



We like data, software and technology, and we love analytical challenges. We believe its worth investing in learning and experimentation, even if it isn’t always immediately put into a product.



Ours is a collegiate business. The four founders have a strong sense of direction – but we are as transparent internally as possible and value input from our people.



Simple: Don’t promise what you can’t deliver, and then do deliver what you promise.

Redslim AG
Registered in Switzerland number: CHE-496.172.294 
Registered address: Chamerstrasse 44, 6300 Zug

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